Hello welcome to our webpage. We being Christopher and Rebekka Poffley. We have been married a long time and have 7 children and 4 grandchildren. We home schooled 7 children over a 30 year period. We are also musicians and have been performing in orchestras and chamber groups as well as teaching and running music groups for about the same time. Christopher is a cellist and pianist, Rebekka a viola player.

We are currently working at Hebron School in Southern India.  Hebron School serves on the whole the Christian worker community of India and South-East Asia.  We have one of our children with us, N 15. Our remaining 6 children (and spouses) are living in the UK. Our primary role is teaching music and playing music but we also serve as support staff for a boys dormitory and are involved in many of the school extra curricular activities.  Rebekka is occasionally helping in the local area at orphanages. Christopher is also on staff for YWAM’s  e-School of Biblical Studies course tutoring students from around the world.

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