Mayday Songs – Spring Ribbon Dancing

Preview(opens in a new tab) This is the month of MayingSkip skip skip to my LouRound and round and round we go Round and round and round together  Rhythm names using a ribbon Ta a a a whole note ,semibreveTa a ta a 1/2 notes ,minimsTa ta ta ta 1/4 notes, crochets Tete tete tete tete 1/8 quaversTekaContinue reading “Mayday Songs – Spring Ribbon Dancing”

How to make chickens and bunnies from a knitted square

These little knitted projects are a wonderful preparation for Spring and Easter. I loved looking after chickens as a child as well a knitting. I have used wool from my parent’s sheep so this is truly holistic. You can buy hand spun wool and / or the kit to make these projects on Etsy fromContinue reading “How to make chickens and bunnies from a knitted square”

Spinning and knitting projects

The long evenings are great for doing bigger projects like spinning or knitting jumpers. Perhaps listen to your favourite podcast or audiobook. I have been spinning since I was a child. Our mother set up each of us (6 children ) with a spinning wheel! We also had our own sheep so we wore theirContinue reading “Spinning and knitting projects”

Paper Snowflakes and New Year Displays

These paper snowflakes make a cheerful display in the winter when the world outside is quite bare and dormant. You can use white or coloured paper and can be made from circles or squares. You can also use thin felt or material as a fun alternative as a table decoration or mat. Here is anContinue reading “Paper Snowflakes and New Year Displays”