Paper Snowflakes and New Year Displays

These paper snowflakes make a cheerful display in the winter when the world outside is quite bare and dormant. You can use white or coloured paper and can be made from circles or squares. You can also use thin felt or material as a fun alternative as a table decoration or mat. Here is anContinue reading “Paper Snowflakes and New Year Displays”

Hanging Star- Christmas Decoration

You need : 6 squares of any sort of paper size to make this very nice decoration. You can also use magazines or photocopy paper with print on it! Practically anything works. Avoid hanging near a window which tends to get condensation. It is simple to make but produces a great decoration. Children above 7Continue reading “Hanging Star- Christmas Decoration”

Advent/Christmas in my Sister Lissy’s home

My sister Lissy is always SO productive. One of her specialties is making gingerbread men …we get the joy of guessing how many are made and a prize of a bag if we win ! She is also famous for her gingerbread house and wonderful preserves of jams and chutneys …we are all so gratefulContinue reading “Advent/Christmas in my Sister Lissy’s home”

St Martin’s lantern craft making

St Martin’s day is a European festival with families walking through villages and woods in the November dark evening. It preempts Advent festivities with its emphasis on light shining in the darkness. St Martins did a lot for the poor and homeless. Perhaps we could all do more too. To make lanterns you need theContinue reading “St Martin’s lantern craft making”