Junior Praise songs for little people

dedicated to AP, FH, SP, PC, bump 1 and bump 2 If I were a butterfly Colours of Day Have you heard the raindrops Joy is the flag Morning has broken You shall go out with joy I’m feeding on the living bread The stars danced Have you seen the pussy cat? Go tell itContinue reading “Junior Praise songs for little people”

Mayday Songs – Spring Ribbon Dancing

Preview(opens in a new tab) This is the month of MayingSkip skip skip to my LouRound and round and round we go Round and round and round together  Rhythm names using a ribbon Ta a a a whole note ,semibreveTa a ta a 1/2 notes ,minimsTa ta ta ta 1/4 notes, crochets Tete tete tete tete 1/8 quaversTekaContinue reading “Mayday Songs – Spring Ribbon Dancing”