Spring Stinging Nettle Soup!

Young fresh nettles can be collected from January onwards until approximately April. Don’t harvest older nettles! This is a surprisingly delicious and nutritious plant to pick during the Spring when it is young and not stingy! It is very rich in iron and other minerals and tastes very like spinach. Cut the head of theContinue reading “Spring Stinging Nettle Soup!”

Autumn Apple ideas

Craft idea Well Autumn is on its way. Here is a fun idea for using apples that are abundantly falling off the trees! Cut this way they make friendly little toadstools. Cooking idea Boil apples with a little water and you as many of these spices as you want to ..cloves ,cinnamon sticks ,aniseed andContinue reading “Autumn Apple ideas”

Picnic – easy food to make

Make a Popcorn and Food necklace; use popcorn, uncooked corn on the cob, hoola hoops, sweets and raisins How to make home made Ice cream! Mash the fruit ,strawberries, mangoes, blackcurrants… add castar sugar and double cream, stir and freeze. Hey Presto! You have delicious home made ice cream How to make peppermint creams usingContinue reading “Picnic – easy food to make”

Roasting vegetables and making salads

Roasting vegetables It’s very easy to roast a whole host of vegetables and very flavoursome too. Cauliflower, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, parsnip, butter squash make great additions to the standard fare of carrots and potatoes etc. Pour a little olive oil on the baking tray and add salt and possibly caraway seeds, basil and rosemary ifContinue reading “Roasting vegetables and making salads”

Yoghurt and Kefir – easy to make

Making your own yoghurt is very straightforward and is much nicer than the bought variety. Buy a good organic yogurt or kefir as a starter culture. Choose a glass jar size that makes enough for at least one to two servings for your family. Put about 1cm depth of yogurt in the jar. Warm yourContinue reading “Yoghurt and Kefir – easy to make”

Wheat free, dairy and sugar free muffins/rock cakes

ingredients : Oats, buckwheat or millet flour (raggi) if you can get it Eggs, olive oil  Grated apple and/or courgettes Orange rind / juice and /or almond milk or coconut milk Dates ,or/and other  dried fruit or blueberries , Mashed bananas  Chopped Almonds or walnuts  Mix and put in cupcake or muffin tin or / and breadContinue reading “Wheat free, dairy and sugar free muffins/rock cakes”