Picnic – easy food to make

Make a Popcorn and Food necklace;

use popcorn, uncooked corn on the cob, hoola hoops, sweets and raisins

How to make home made Ice cream! Mash the fruit ,strawberries, mangoes, blackcurrants… add castar sugar and double cream, stir and freeze. Hey Presto! You have delicious home made ice cream

How to make peppermint creams using icing sugar, a little water and a few drops of peppermint essence or any other sweet flavour. Shape into balls and use a fork to make a nice imprint.

Here’s how to make fudge.

Use the condensed milk tin to measure approximately a third of the butter you need plus a third of ordinary full milk. In a high rimmed frying pan and on medium heat add the whole tin of condensed milk. Then add a whole packet of caster sugar (1 kg) . Stir particularly around the edges as it starts to froth! ( This needs to be done by an adult as it gets very hot!) When it stiffens and changes colour after approximately 10 minutes turn the heat off. Add any flavouring e.g. vanilla essence or cocoa powder. Keep stirring. Pour the mixture into a lightly greased baking tray. After cooling cut into small pieces and then make sure your little ones don’t find it ! It needs to be eaten in small quantities or your dentist won’t be pleased. You are making enough for a large group of friends or people you want to make friends with.

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