How to make chickens and bunnies from a knitted square

These little knitted projects are a wonderful preparation for Spring and Easter. I loved looking after chickens as a child as well a knitting. I have used wool from my parent’s sheep so this is truly holistic. You can buy hand spun wool and / or the kit to make these projects on Etsy fromContinue reading “How to make chickens and bunnies from a knitted square”

Tiddely Pom Spring Time Animals

Bunny songs and chocolate eggs Little Peter Rabbit See the little bunnies  sleeping  (hop little bunnies hop hop hop) Easter eggs ,Easter eggs  Chocolate eggs  Chicken Songs Good morning Mrs Hen Chuck chuck chickens  5 brown eggs  Duck songs  We’re all off to the river  5 little ducks  6 little ducks  Frog songs  A frogContinue reading “Tiddely Pom Spring Time Animals”

Coloured boiled eggs

To dye an egg shell use plants like onion skin ( this produces yellow, beetroot produces purple red, Stinging nettle makes green ). You can use food colourings instead if you can’t get hold of onions or beetroot etc. Add one of these plants to a saucepan of water and boil until the water becomesContinue reading “Coloured boiled eggs”

Tiddely Pom audio Musicianship Easter Rounds

Arpeggio round and descending scale round Bell in the steeple so loudly they ring , This is a Sunday ( Easter ) Day , Ding a dong ding ddd mmm sss m– dms dms dms d– High bells Fast bells Tumbling past Bells (d’ t l s f m r d ) Deep bells SlowContinue reading “Tiddely Pom audio Musicianship Easter Rounds”