How to make chickens and bunnies from a knitted square

These little knitted projects are a wonderful preparation for Spring and Easter. I loved looking after chickens as a child as well a knitting. I have used wool from my parent’s sheep so this is truly holistic. You can buy hand spun wool and / or the kit to make these projects on Etsy from the link below. If you don’t have time to make your own then they are available as ready made little farm animals in hand spun sheep’s wool in natural colours below too.

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How to crochet a bunnie’s tail


A Chickens and Bunny Knitting Kit

Includes hand spun wool in natural undyed colours (16 metres each colour) – golden yellow, grey and white . Makes two chickens and two chicks, one medium bunny and one small bunny. Washed white sheep’s wool for stuffing each animal and a little red wool for the crown. Simple hand written instructions included too. If you would like extra skeins of other natural colour wool please contact me on the email form below. They cost £2 for a 16 meter skein and £3 for 25 meters.


Go to the Etsy link below to purchase already knitted bunnies and chicks etc….

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