Tiddely Pom Spring Time Animals

Bunny songs and chocolate eggs

Little Peter Rabbit

See the little bunnies  sleeping 

(hop little bunnies hop hop hop)

Easter eggs ,Easter eggs 

Chocolate eggs 

Chicken Songs

Good morning Mrs Hen

Chuck chuck chickens 

5 brown eggs 

Duck songs 

We’re all off to the river 

5 little ducks 

6 little ducks 

Frog songs 

A frog he would a wooing go

5 green and speckled frogs 

On my stone all alone 

mm goes the little green frog 

Tiddely Pom Musicianship

Animal ta and te te ideas

Old McDonald rhythmS

Went to visit a farm – me ray doh

Scale hand signs using I know a little pussy

doh ray me fa so la te doh’ (up )

doh’  te  la so fa me ray doh ( (down)

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Christopher and Rebekka Poffley have been working as musicians, as performers and in education for many years. They have worked in schools and in the home education world. Here they share some of their experience and resources.

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