Wild Flowers, animals and Vivaldi !

While you look at this post perhaps play this track of Vivaldi’s Spring concerto! When you go for a walk see if you can spot any of these: Here are the names of the wildflowers you might have seen on your walk and might recognise from the photos. Herb Robert Cow Parsley Mouse Ear BrackenContinue reading “Wild Flowers, animals and Vivaldi !”

Abracadabra book 2 for violin practice and tune recognition

Turkey in the strawWrangle raffle gypsieIn dulcimer jubileeDown the green fieldsSimple giftsThe wreck roundTum balaikaSchubert’s theme and variations  The Mexican hat dance Green sleevesThe jolly millerSchubert Rosamunde Trumpet hornpipe The animals went in two by twoJim Bolton’s fancy ,Irish Nara nagila ,IsraeliSailors walk Morris dance Amazing grace Cossack song La Cucracha Londonderry Air,IrishThe lonely goatherdWalk from Swan lake by TchaikovskyWhere isContinue reading “Abracadabra book 2 for violin practice and tune recognition”

Flying Ribbon Crafts

Circles / bracelets from rolled paper and plaiting. Cut circles from paper towelling/ toilet tube of cane if you can get it . Attach crepe paper or ribbons .  Make a flying ball from a material circle filled with lentils and two ribbons attached to hold and whizz further and higher Preview(opens in a newContinue reading “Flying Ribbon Crafts”