Elder blossom cordial !

This is a wonderful refreshing cordial and in season as I write this in May/June. It grows in hedgerows throughout the UK and Europe. It’s strong sweet scent is unmistakable. Collect 10 big bunches of the flower heads without the long stalks. Put them into a bowl or a milk container. Add 1 lemon cut up squeezing some of the juice in already. Add one lb or half a kilo of caster sugar to the mixture. Then add one and a half pint’s of boiling water. Stir your brew. Leave it for 2 or 3 days. It can be ladled out when you need it and – dilute to taste or can be frozen in a plastic bottle making sure you don’t over fill it. I put a milk container volume in my fridge so that it can be used when I need it to refresh my family and friends on hot afternoons. You can add citric acid if you can obtain it from a chemist. Add a small quantity- it only needs a pinch or two. So enjoy! Summer is a coming in………It is wonderful served chilled.

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