Yoghurt and Kefir – easy to make

Making your own yoghurt is very straightforward and is much nicer than the bought variety.

Buy a good organic yogurt or kefir as a starter culture. Choose a glass jar size that makes enough for at least one to two servings for your family. Put about 1cm depth of yogurt in the jar. Warm your milk up to just a little more than luke-warm and pour onto your yogurt culture and stir it together. Put a lid on securely and place under a pillow and/or blanket to keep warm for 6-8 hours or overnight!

It will thicken up and the jar feels heavier when you take it out of its warm place, though it tastes better once it’s chilled in the fridge. 

Kefir is made the same way. An alternative to normal milk is coconut milk. Kefir has a thinner consistency than yoghurt either way whichever you choose. You can buy kafir grains as a starter culture from a good health food shop. Just dissolve them for 20 minutes in a small amount of warm milk and stir. Then add a bigger quantity of warm milk. 

Leave again some yogurt/ kefir in the jar to make another batch the next day or two…. Each batch lasts up to 4 days and can be repeated about 10-15 times from your original starter culture . It’s all easy really and becomes part of your bedtime routine to make the next lot and put it to bed …maybe not with you!!

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