Goldilocks and the three bears and how to make their houses!

Introducing Goldilocks  and the three bears and suggestions on how to make their houses .Materials you will need: A little cardboard box eg little cereal ones or a match box ( empty or with the matches heads cut off !) This activity will need adult supervision if using matchboxes. little raisin boxes are an alternative. CardContinue reading “Goldilocks and the three bears and how to make their houses!”

Knitted oblong turned into a Ball !

This activity is very rewarding to make and play with once finished!  You will need size 3-4 mm knitting needles  One colour or two or more eg rainbow colours of wool or cotton  12–20 stitches  A balloon and red lentils to fill it  Sewing needles to bring it altogether into a ball from an oblongContinue reading “Knitted oblong turned into a Ball !”

Rainbow Star Kit Instructions

Kit Contents 2×8 large coloured squares 8 small coloured squares 8 small white squares 8 small gold squares a demo small rainbow star 3 step sequence demonstrator Note: the large squares can either be used to make large stars or be cut into quarters to make small stars (see demo small star) Instructions (see whiteContinue reading “Rainbow Star Kit Instructions”

Autumn Apple ideas

Craft idea Well Autumn is on its way. Here is a fun idea for using apples that are abundantly falling off the trees! Cut this way they make friendly little toadstools. Cooking idea Boil apples with a little water and you as many of these spices as you want to ..cloves ,cinnamon sticks ,aniseed andContinue reading “Autumn Apple ideas”