Rainbow Star Kit Instructions

Kit Contents

  • 2×8 large coloured squares
  • 8 small coloured squares
  • 8 small white squares
  • 8 small gold squares
  • a demo small rainbow star
  • 3 step sequence demonstrator
  • Note: the large squares can either be used to make large stars or be cut into quarters to make small stars (see demo small star)


(see white small star demo)

Step 1: Fold square in half to make a diagonal fold – then open it up again

Step 2: Fold sides into centre creating a kite shape

Step 3: Repeat on all 8 colours

Step 3: Glue corners of kite, as shown, with glue stick

The following sequence shows how to make a star and a star frame out of one square of any size.

For the sequence below use 8 squares in rainbow sequence or alternating gold / white sequence to make a star and glue the wide sections. Alternative if you glue the pieces on the thin section you need 16 squares repeating the rainbow sequence.

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  1. passed it on to Piotr Malinka with his family, to Markus Ruppelt and to Nina. Also to Justyna for daughter Olivia.
    Hope, it brings joy leading into this years Advent-time! Thank You! Ingeburg.

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