Knitted oblong turned into a Ball !

This activity is very rewarding to make and play with once finished! 

You will need

  • size 3-4 mm knitting needles 
  • One colour or two or more eg rainbow colours of wool or cotton 
  • 12–20 stitches 
  • A balloon and red lentils to fill it 
  • Sewing needles to bring it altogether into a ball from an oblong . 

The finished ball can be used in numerous ways ,throwing ,rolling ,fidgeting  etc but also for juggling if you make three. If thread is attached they hang and turn like a mobile. They can be simply for swinging around or can become a Christmas tree decoration or eccentric ear rings !! 


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Christopher and Rebekka Poffley have been working as musicians, as performers and in education for many years. They have worked in schools and in the home education world. Here they share some of their experience and resources.

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