Goldilocks and the three bears and how to make their houses!

Introducing Goldilocks  and the three bears and suggestions on how to make their houses .
Materials you will need:

  • A little cardboard box eg little cereal ones or a match box ( empty or with the matches heads cut off !) This activity will need adult supervision if using matchboxes. little raisin boxes are an alternative.
  • Card for the roof. Cut it slightly bigger than the house. It will overlap the box to look like rafters.
  • UHU or PVA glue,
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Card , paper, felt or material to decorate the roof and box, as well as make windows and a door
  • lace, sequins etc.

Use little coloured sticks to practice the 3 bear rhythm patterns ,

  • Mummy bear she walks like this- ta ta ta ta
  • Baby bear he runs like this – te te te te te te te te
  • Daddy bear he plods like this ta-a, ta-a, ta-a, ta-a

You can also make r

You can also make up rhythms with the sticks as well as rhythm cards as shown here.

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