How to make a simple bird feeder

Here are the instructions for building a simple bird feeder using basic household things :

You need a

pair of scissors,

one transparent 1 litre plastic bottle,

string or strong wool,

three sticks or twigs (2x the width of the bottle)

Bird seed or other bird food

Take the plastic bottle and make holes opposite each other for the sticks to go through. Position them as seen in this photo.

Then 1.5 cm above each hole make an additional hole 1cm diameter. These are the access holes for the birds to the food so don’t make them too big.

So you will have a total of 6 holes !

Now insert one stick though the stick holes of each section .

Tie a length of string around the base of the cap section of the bottle

So now fill it with bird food and put the cap on to prevent rain getting in . Then you can hang it in your garden. I would put it somewhere you can see it from your kitchen or living room because then you can have great fun bird watching while you have lunch or tea!

Hope you enjoy becoming an ornithologist.

Contributed by Nathanael Poffley

Published by Poffley Education Resources

Christopher and Rebekka Poffley have been working as musicians, as performers and in education for many years. They have worked in schools and in the home education world. Here they share some of their experience and resources.

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