Tiddely Pom Actions songs, Lullabies and Musical rests

Tiddely Pom Action songs to get up to ! 

What shall we do with the lovely Flora 

Jack in the box 

Kangaroos like to hop 

Rests in Music

Tiddely Pom Musicianship 

The Rest ( blow ) Ta and tete 

Pease porridge hot ,ta  tete ta blow ( rest ) 

See the  candle light Blow(rest) ,Me Ray Doh 

Up the tall white candle stick 

( scale up and fast down ) 


Sweet lullaby ..ta ,tete ta blow 

in your sleep ! 

Sleep baby sleep 

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Christopher and Rebekka Poffley have been working as musicians, as performers and in education for many years. They have worked in schools and in the home education world. Here they share some of their experience and resources.

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