Famous Music Stories – Audio


Don’t don’t don’t go near ,

It’s been such a long time since lunch 

He started with one little cucumber vine 

Peter Peter ,rise and try 

Listen oh listen ,


HENNY PENNY ..use different instrument for each story character 

King ..use bells 

Henny  Penny …use small egg shaker 

Cocky Locky ..use chicken on a stick shaker 

Ducky Lucky..bigger egg shaker

Goose Loosey …drum shaker 

Turkey Lurkey ..sticks 

Foxy Loxy ..popper 

Published by Poffley Education Resources

Christopher and Rebekka Poffley have been working as musicians, as performers and in education for many years. They have worked in schools and in the home education world. Here they share some of their experience and resources.

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