Home made Muesli mixture

Ingredients for a home made seed, nuts and dried fruit Muesli mixture

This home made museli mixture goes well with the apple purée with spices recipe as well as the home made yoghurt. The three combined set you up with all the nutritional requirements you need even on a vegetarian or vegan diet!

  • Oats ,big and little flakes
  • Optional : add some bought muesli mixture  and crunchy 
  •  Seeds: linseed ,ground possibly in coffee grinder
  • Pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Chia seeds – but it makes mixture go a bit soggy.
  • Nuts : hazelnuts ,almonds and Brazil nuts and walnuts (cut up if time into smaller pieces )
  • Dried Fruit : dates ,apricots, prunes and mixed raisins and cranberries. 
  • (Aldi and Lydls have all the above in good sized packets )

Put into airtight containers or reuse the bags you’ve just emptied. 

Can soak in water or milk/yogurt  over night in the bowl you will eat from.

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