Rain Songs with musicianship training

Incey Wincey spider  Raining here and raining there  (Duck and frogs ,raining cats and frogs ) Rain in the green grass  Doh doh doh So So  ( interval violin / viola / cello tuned to, a 5 th )  Once a man fell in a well  ( doh ray me fa so so so ) Continue reading “Rain Songs with musicianship training”

Famous Music Stories – Audio

PETER RABBIT  Don’t don’t don’t go near , It’s been such a long time since lunch  He started with one little cucumber vine  Peter Peter ,rise and try  Listen oh listen ,   HENNY PENNY ..use different instrument for each story character  King ..use bells  Henny  Penny …use small egg shaker  Cocky Locky ..use chickenContinue reading “Famous Music Stories – Audio”

Tiddely Pom Spring Time Animals

Bunny songs and chocolate eggs Little Peter Rabbit See the little bunnies  sleeping  (hop little bunnies hop hop hop) Easter eggs ,Easter eggs  Chocolate eggs  Chicken Songs Good morning Mrs Hen Chuck chuck chickens  5 brown eggs  Duck songs  We’re all off to the river  5 little ducks  6 little ducks  Frog songs  A frogContinue reading “Tiddely Pom Spring Time Animals”

Making home made herbal tea mixtures

Stinging nettle After collecting your fresh young stinging nettle heads lay them on a sheet or muslim cloth to dry in a sunny place in the house. Turn them every day for 3 to 4 days. When they are dry they will make a crisp sound when you rub them together. Ideally you break themContinue reading “Making home made herbal tea mixtures”

Coloured boiled eggs

To dye an egg shell use plants like onion skin ( this produces yellow, beetroot produces purple red, Stinging nettle makes green ). You can use food colourings instead if you can’t get hold of onions or beetroot etc. Add one of these plants to a saucepan of water and boil until the water becomesContinue reading “Coloured boiled eggs”