Tiddely Pom audio Musicianship Easter Rounds

Arpeggio round and descending scale round Bell in the steeple so loudly they ring , This is a Sunday ( Easter ) Day , Ding a dong ding ddd mmm sss m– dms dms dms d– High bells Fast bells Tumbling past Bells (d’ t l s f m r d ) Deep bells SlowContinue reading “Tiddely Pom audio Musicianship Easter Rounds”

How to make Bread and Hot Cross Buns

Making bread is very rewarding and is well worth doing regularly. Your family and friends will appreciate you making the effort. My method practised over many years does not require scales and precise measuring so you will find the more you do it the quicker the whole process will be. The whole family can enjoyContinue reading “How to make Bread and Hot Cross Buns”

How to make a simple bird feeder

Here are the instructions for building a simple bird feeder using basic household things : You need a pair of scissors, one transparent 1 litre plastic bottle, string or strong wool, three sticks or twigs (2x the width of the bottle) Bird seed or other bird food Take the plastic bottle and make holes oppositeContinue reading “How to make a simple bird feeder”